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The entire earth belongs to Allah Tabarak wa Tallah. He is the lone Owner and Sovereign. If there is scarcity of resources or sustenance at one place, Allah says to set out in His land, it is vast enough.

He calls himself as the Sustainer of the Worlds. He calls our Prophet (May peace be upon him) “Rahmat (blessing) for the Worlds”. Our Prophet’s (May peace be upon him) adherence is for people for times to come till the Day of Judgment.

Then why a special importance is given to Pakistan. Why is this piece of land held in such high esteem, why there exists such an emotional attachment with this country? Our forefathers never exhibited such affection with any land, area or tribe. With the flag of the ‘Deen of Allah’ held high, they scattered across countries. When war was imposed on them they entered the battle field without a second thought. They trampled under their feet the empires of Persia and Rome. When there was opportunity of living in peace they lived in a manner that they engulfed their surroundings and society in their colour.

The Muslims who landed on the shores of Malaysia and Indonesia were only a handful. Today according to population Indonesia is the largest Muslim country. Swords were not drawn from the scabbard; no flags of victory were grounded. Allah never confines a human, His ‘deen’ or the Rahmat of his Rasool (May peace) to a specific region or area. In his last sermon Prophet (May peace be upon him) of Allah regarding differentiation according to race, colour and cast had said that today the idols of colour, race and differentiation are under my feet.

Differentiation on the basis of land, region and race is an idea that is used to divide this world. It was this differentiation upon which Europe fought two world wars and murdered millions. Take any hostility or war in any part of world it must have a disputed land or territory as a basis. Some are fighting over Falkland and some over Tibet, multiple claims exist on Shatt al-Arab and East Timor. The wars in the last two centuries were fought over a conflict that is called ‘disputed territory’. Take as examples Kashmir, Palestine, Chechnya or Bosnia.

If these conflicts are based on the idea of nationalism then Pakistan is also an area, a nation country.

Why do you love this country and why do you have an emotional belonging with it. These questions are asked not only from me but were put in front of every individual who talks of Muslim Ummah and love for Pakistan. Allama Iqbal calls for Muslim unity through his poetic prose ‘from the shores of Nile till the soil of Kashghar’, he was also bombarded with such questions when he presented his idea of a separate homeland for the Muslims to be carved out from the Sub-Continent.

What is this country called Pakistan. What is the special status and position of this country? Since centuries what are the prophecies that are laced with this country. What prestige and eminence this country holds in the hearts of the people of insight. And why is this country beloved to my Allah despite all its wrongdoings, failures and sins.

If I put forth the long chain of narrations in front of the cruel world then I see this God gifted country as a Dar e Arqam of the coming times.

Dar e Arqam was a house beside mount Safa where during the early preaching time of Rasul Allah (May peace be upon him), early Muslims afraid from the cruelties of Meccan society used to gather. Hazrat Bilal with his body scorched from torture on burning sand, Hazrat Ammar bin Yasir carrying the sorrow of the dreadful martyrdom of his parents Hazrat Yasir and Hazrat Sumayah. Hazrat Abu Zarr hiding out of fear of his clansmen and Hazrat Usman distressed from the torture by his father. All of them were to become the carrier of good tidings and a bright future.

They were holders of a message that was to spread to the corners of the world. Hardly anyone at that time knew that these handful stomping over the idols of race, cast, colour and creed are about to over-shadow the world.

Pakistan similarly is also a miraculous creation of the past century, in fact past two centuries. It has stomped over the notions of race, cast, colour and creed. When 200 countries were being carved out from 50 countries¸ the entire world was being divided into smaller nations. Some said we are Turks, Iranians, Arab or Germans. Amongst them there was only one country where the inhabitants had raised only a single slogan of demanding separation from them. Because they were different from them, they believed in the Oneness of Allah and faith in the prophet hood of Rasul Allah (May peace be upon him).

Since ages the people of insight had prophesied that this region is the chosen one. When everyone is going to decorate a slate of race, ethnicity and language at the doorstep of their country, the people of this region will put the name of Allah. Soon after this was done a period of trials and tests started, this nation sacrificed hundreds of thousands of martyrs at borders. These were the people who left their brothers, relatives and clans because they did not believe in the Oneness and Sovereignty of Allah. This land and the blood that drenched this soil hold a high esteem for Allah. Allah in Quran swears by the horses when they are made to gallop in his path[i].

 Those who despite inhabiting this god gifted country make mockery and fun of it, hold the same place in eyes of the men of insight as those of the pagans of Mecca. Another quality of Pakistan that pleases Allah is that of this country being a sanctuary for Muslims. When Allah loves those who migrate in his way, he also loves the people of Madinah (where the migration was performed). In this way Pakistan is a Dar e Arqam as well as a Madinah for the weary and beat immigrants.

Take a look at the world map, there are over 50 countries that belong to Muslims, they are created not in the name of Islam but in the name of Iraqis, Syrians and Arabs. Saudia Arabia is loaded with the wealth of oil but there is hardly an immigrant who is able to take sanctuary there. Iran has declared itself an Islamic Republic but hardly any non-Iranian is allowed to reside there. Since the time of its creation, Pakistan has kept its doors open for any displaced Muslims. From India, Bangladesh, Bihaar, Burma or 3 million from Afghanistan, which ever country made the living of its citizens impossible they were always welcomed by the people of Pakistan. People migrate to other countries in huge numbers but not for the reason that it is a Muslim country but for seeking employment and livelihood.

These are the qualities due to which Allah kept his mercy on this country. The nation where from the peon to the President there is a quagmire of corruption, rises an Atomic power, a technology that had its doors closed on it. People ask why this is so that they do not have bread to eat but continue to make weapons. But those who are aware know that this country possessing the qualities of Dar e Arqam and Madinah will be made to enter the battlefield of Badr by Allah. The flags of victory will rise from this region. This is the land of prophecies where the Ameer of Arab felt a cool breeze blowing from[ii].

From here will arise the flag of revolution, that will erase the artificial boundaries created on the chest of this Ummah. Sufi Barkat Ali who summed up the age old prophecies of the sufis regarding this region says

“The day is not far when on the approval of Pakistan, the nations of the world, will make their decisions”

[i] This refers to Quran Surah Al-Adiyat 100:1-11

[ii] A verse by Allama Iqbal based on the hadith of Rasul Allah (May peace be upon him)


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Dar e Arqam Pakistan Orya Maqbool Jan


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