600px-Palestine-Mandate When Napoleon reached Cairo, he read from the Quran, eulogized the prophet and told the Egyptians and those who were watching nervously in the British Empire “We have come as liberators, not as conquerers”. Of course Napoleon had no reverence for Islam, he simply used the rent-a-mullah program to make his message more palatable to the illiterate Egyptians who gobbled it up with alacrity. Tall claims in Paris agreeing to a “No-Fly Zone” on Tripoli (fully supported by the House of Saud–and its appendage the Arab League) simply echoed Napoleon’s proclamations.

The battle between the French East India Company and the British East India Companywas played out in South Asia (Britain called the area British “India”), Indo-China (where the French declared victory in their “India” and the Dutch Indies (where the Dutch East India Company won their “India”). It is pedagogical to note that the capture of Egypt had nothing to do with “liberation” and everything to do with trying to cut off the supply lines to the British Empire in South Asia.

This is the Proclamation to the People of the Wilayat of Baghdad, that General Maude issued when he took the city in 1917:

“People of Baghdad, remember for 26 generations you have suffered under strange tyrants who have ever endeavoured to set one Arab house against another in order that they might profit by your dissensions. This policy is abhorrent to Great Britain and her Allies for there can be neither peace nor prosperity where there is enmity or misgovernment. Our armies do not come into your cities and lands as conquerors or enemies, but as liberators.”

Yeah right!

In the Great War (WW1: the, one in black and white) 1914-1918 the Turkish Ottoman Empire was allied with the Germans and the Austro-Hungarians. The Ottoman Turks held Mesopotamia (todays’ Iraq), “Land Between the Rivers” Tigris and Euphrates, since 1534 and they had a firm grip on many of the Persian and Arabian oilfields. The British wanted that oil for its large blue-water Navy. Hence the invasion, masqueraded as “liberation” of the Arabs.

As if that wasn’t enough, after the original 1914 liberation, twenty-four years later, in 1941, the Brits liberated the city once again.

The British agent Colonel T.E. Lawrence instigated and led the Arab revolt which would have supposedly freed them from Turkish “Occupation” and neglect. One of the most tangible results that came out of end of the Ottoman empire was the British mandate in Palestine–and the creation of Israel. The Arabs were liberated from the Turkish flag, and the Ottoman empire was destroyed, but it led to millions of Palestinians living in refugee camps. The demise of the Caliphate, splattered the Middle East into 22 Arab states run by the Saud brothers–who were subsequently overthrown by the revolutionaries, Qaddfi (Idris), Nasser (Farouq), and Saddam Husein (Faisal). The Turkish flag did not fly in Arab lands–’till the siege of Gaza was broken by Turkish ships.

In 1956, Britain, Israel and France against tried to liberate the Suez Canal. Unfortunately for them, the US at the time thwarted that “liberation”–affectively ending the European empires of London and Paris.

Here is a propaganda video put out by the American Military about the “Liberation” of Iraq.

When Operation Iraqi Liberate (original name spelled “OIL” and was quickly changed) began Donald Rumsfeld said it would take 5 days, 5 week or 5 months, but no longer. A decade later, the “mother of all battles” seems like the defeat in Vietnam. When President Bush had occupied Iraq, his team said “we have come to liberate the people of Iraq” so that democracy would flourish. Dick CHaney announced “We come as liberators…”. By conservative estimates one million Iraqis died, three million are camped out in tents across the the Middle East, and Iraq has been bombed back a 100 years. Saddam Huseins’ cradle to grave social security system, Autobahn type roadways, free education and secularism have been dumped into the dustbin of history–the new liberated Iraqis don’t have running water, cannot move from one place to the next without intrusive checkpoints, and  now live in an squaller. Its future is consecrated as a client state of Iran. Hallelujah for liberation!

“Once these people are gone, we will be welcomed as liberator”.

A decade after the elimination of the secular Baathist Party in Baghdad, and the hanging of Saddam Hussein, the US is yet to be welcomed as a “Liberator”.

For those who are excited about “people power” and the ushering in of democracy in the Middle East, a real dose of reality is in order. The Non-revolution in Tahrir Square should be an eye opener, where power was passed from a former Air Vice Marshall to a sittingField Marshall. Everything else is pure fluff and unadulterated propaganda. The new “democracy” that is being implanted in Cairo will be a replica of the one established inAfghanistan and Iraq–puppet rulers who cannot even fire their palace guards without the consent and approval of someone in Washington.

The words of Robert Fisk, one of the best journalists in the world ring so true today “They came as liberators but were met by fierce resistance outside Baghdad. Humiliating treatment of prisoners and heavy-handed action in Najaf and Fallujah further alienated the local population. A planned handover of power proved unworkable. Britain’s 1917occupation of Iraq holds uncanny parallels with today – and if we want to know what will happen there next, we need only turn to our history books…”. His article on the invasion of Iraq is not journalism, it is literature (http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article6337.htm).

Let us analyze the Middle East. In the post Ramadhan War when Sadaat crossed “Israel’s so called Natural borders (Suez Canal) and obliterated the impregnability of the ultimate in defense perimeters ,”The Barlev Lines”.  Saddat’s peace was opposed not only by the majority of the people of Egypt, but also by the other major powers of the Arab world. Iraq, Libya and Syria were the steadfast rejectionist front which said “No to Isreal, No to Peace, and No to occupation”. That was their original sin, never forgiven by the West. Perhaps their other sin was eliminating the British protégées called the House of Saud. Its payback time now.

In the Eighties Israel’s pugnacious right wing Ambassador Benyamin “BeeBee”” Natenyahu when asked about occupation would always tell the Americans and the USmedia that the real enemies of peace were not the PLO terrorists, but Iraq, Syria, Libya and Iran. Three decades later, Iraq has been bombed to smithereens, Iran has been sanctioned to penury,  Libya is under invasion and Syria is facing  an insurrection. Thats not all, Bahrian faces a Shia revolt and Yemen is is embroiled in a proxy war between the Saudis and the others. Of course the US is supporting the right side–Saleh the worst dictator in the Middle East!

Long live hypocrisy!

All that is being seen on Television is not a dawn of people-power in the Middle East. This is simply the work of T.E Lawrence being carried on by other means. All this– is just replacement of a less compliant strongman by a more compliant dictator. Nasser the Soviet strongman was replaced by Saddat the American puppet. Mubarak faithfully served US interest by brutally suppressing the real representatives of the people, the Ikhwan Ul Muslimeen–but when the winds of change came, Mubarak was dumped just like Philippines’ Marcos, Cuba’s Batistia and and Iran’s Shah.  After being used for US interests the dictators had a difficult time in finding 3 yards of dirt for their bones.

Let it be a reminder that the word “democracy” never appears either in the Mgana Carta or the US constitution. The word “democracy” was dug up from old Greek dictionaries at the commencement of WW2 (the one in color)–to justify the massacre of 55 million people and the obliteration of Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

Trudy Rubin in an interesting article published in today’s San Jose Mercury News says that the plan to attack Libya (which is in in contradiction of the Security Council mandate) was hatched by three women in the Obama Administration. They were: Samantha Power, of the National Security Council, UN Ambassador Susan Rice, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. It was these women who are behind the push for T.E. Lawrence style liberation of Libya. Somewhere along the way, the motley group of “rebels” was converted by CNN into a “Rebel Army”. Hence the justification for Operation “Odyssey Dawn”. Jeremy Scahill, award-winning investigative journalist and author of the bestselling bookBlackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army makes fun of the so called Libyan rebels–”all 1000 of them”.

  • “In Iraq, [the no-fly zone] resulted in a strengthening of Saddam Hussein’s regime… I think that it could end up backfiring in a tremendous way and keeping Gaddafi in power even longer,” says Jeremy Scahill, Democracy Now! correspondent and independent journalist. Jeremy Scahill
  • http://therealnews.com/t2/index.php?option=com_seyret&task=videodirectlink&id=9428

In October 2003, America received a Haloween present–centrifuges capable of enriching uranium for nuclear weapons, centrifuges quite unlike those used in Iran, but also by Israel and South Africa. In the spring of 2004, in March a container aboard the BBC China arrived in Libya with one P-2 centrifuge components. Colonel Qaddafi promptly reported the arrival to American intelligence and the IAEA.   We are sure, that Colonel Qaddafi is sorry that he shipped the P-1 and P-2 Gas Centrifuges to Washington. To make matters worse, he pointed the finger at the Pakistanis, whom he had funded during the time of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. NO mention was made about South Africa and Israel. Qaddafi and friends under the guidance of his newborn-again” prodigal son Saif Ul Islam, did not even open the crates, he shipped them to Washington to curry favor with the Americans. In December, 1988, Pan American flight 103 crashed in Lockerbie, Scotland, killing 11 local residents and 243 passengers and 16 crew members. Libya was blamed. Saif thought that by resolving (accepting responsibility) Lockerbie and kowtowing to the Europeans he and his country would be accepted as an extension of Europe. As tears of regret, (for abandoning the Nuclear weapons) roll down the cheeks of the Qaddafi clan, his boast “we don’t want to end up like Pakistan or Afghanistan” will make people pause and think.

These so called Potemkin revolutions will ensure that the Ikhwan, Hamas, and Hizbullah stay out of power–and only those who are palatable to the West come and stay in power. It will be “democracy” without the representatives of the people. A more appropriate world would be “Selectocracy”. Cairo will be allowed to owned by the people, if and only if the Ikhwan is not allowed to come to power. Some “Democracy”.

This is the line fed to most Americans–

The “liberation” of Tripoli will be followed by this proclamation “Your citizens have been subject to the tyranny of strangers… and your fathers and yourselves have groaned in bondage. Your sons have been carried off to wars not of your seeking, your wealth has been stripped from you by unjust men and squandered in different places”. If one checked out the history books, one would notice that this was originally made by  Lieutenant-General Sir Stanley Maude who led the occupation of Iraq in 1917. How many times will the Arabs be liberated?

Let us be clear. There is nothing in common between what is happening in Cairo, Tripoli, Sanaa, Damascus and Baghdad, except perhaps the machinations of the CIA.

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