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608, 2014

Iqbal and Jinnah on Palestine

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Even before the creation of Pakistan Jinnah and Iqbal unlike the leaders of today stood up in solidarity with Palestine.

1007, 2013

Wake Up From the Deep Slumber: Allama Iqbal

July 10th, 2013|Categories: Allama Iqbal|53 Comments

Az Khwab e Giran Khez is a poem in Persian by Allama Iqbal the title translates to Wake Up From Your Deep Slumber. It calls on the Muslims and brings to them a picture of their present state, urging them to wake up and regain their glory.

2806, 2013

Obituary Of Allama Iqbal – The London Times April 22, 1938

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2706, 2013

A Portrait of Anguish – Poem by Allama Iqbal

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Tasveer e Dard or The Portrait of Anguish is a touching and emotional poem by the great Allama Iqbal. Read with English translation.

1202, 2013

Continuing Iqbal’s Quranic Thought

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The Continuity of Iqbal’s Qur’anic Thought The Genesis of Pakistan and the Islamic Revolution in Iran Viewed in the context of Iqbal’s Qur’anic Thought

3110, 2012

Iqbal and Communism

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During Allamah Iqbal’s life some people had attempted to create the impression of Iqbal’s leanings towards communism, basing their arguments on some verses in favour of communism and its ideology.

1107, 2012

Iqbal on the People and Land of Afghanistan And their Relevance For Pakistan

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Pakistan and Afghanistan share deep-rooted historic bonds of culture and faith. They also cherish common customs, languages, literature and heroes.

2508, 2011

Iqbal and Taqdir (Destiny)

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To some there may seem to be a contradiction in this view of taqdir given by Iqbal. But, according to Iqbal this contradiction arises due to the wrong concept of taqdir which the present Muslims in general have come to accept, due mainly to the Magian influence on Islam. Allama Iqbal has written so much about the concept of taqdir that it may require a complete book to fully explain and justify his views on this difficult issue.

2008, 2011

Islam and Nationalism

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I have used the world "millat" in the sense of "qaum" (nation). No doubt, the word millat has been used to mean law and religion in Arabic

1308, 2011

Maulana Tariq Jameel on Allama Iqbal

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Maulana Tariq Jameel on Allama Iqbal. He conveys the importance of the teachings of Iqbal for this nation.